Aussie real-time payments platform goes live

Aussie real-time payments platform goes live

Australia's real-time payments platform goes live today, with customers of three of the country's big four banks able to transfer funds in seconds.

Cops Show The Inventive Ways Drivers Have Tried Avoiding Tolls

More from Inside Edition: http://bit.ly/2bF0iuC

Some drivers are going to outrageous lengths to avoid paying tolls. To see how people are cheating the tolls, we hit the road with the Florida Highway Patrol. Within a few minutes Trooper Luis Tejera spotted a dump truck with a license plate smudged with grease. Tejera called in the plate number and discovered the driver has paid only three tolls in three months. Another man’s open tailgate blocked his license plate from cameras. The trooper says it’s a common trick he sees all the time. #InsideEdition

Breaking News | Banks to switch to real-time payments from australia day

Banks to switch to real-time payments from australia day
Banks to switch to real-time payments from australia day

That annoying wait for a payment to transfer to or from your account will soon be a thing of the pas…

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Banks Introducing Instant Funds Transfer from Australia Day

Banks Introducing Instant Funds Transfer; Find Out What This Means for your Business!

“It’s going to be easier to buy, pay for and transport an asset, all on the same day.” – Phil Callaghan, Loadshift Director.

Looking to do business better in 2018? This is the first of 4 episodes in a series by Loadshift to encourage you in your business for this year.

More Info on the NPP:

– https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2017/oct/03/banks-to-switch-to-real-time-payments-from-australia-day

– http://www.nppa.com.au/

More Info on Loadshift.com.au:

– http://www.loadshift.com.au/how-it-works/

Paul Pelosi secret BODY CAM footage released shows lies and cover-up | Redacted w Clayton Morris

What are the Pelosi’s hiding about the night Paul Pelosi was attacked by a hammer wielding progressive hippy? We’re about to find out after a judge ordered the secret body cam footage released. Also Pelosi’s sudden Google stock trades raise some interesting questions about timing and insider trading.

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