Caixabank to shed over 8000 staff

Caixabank to shed over 8000 staff

CaixaBank is planning over 8000 job cuts and the closure of 1530 branches following its merger with Bankia.

Bootstrapped to $35m Revenue, $20m One Time Connecting Smart cities in Japan with local farmers


FreeD Group CEO Kenneth Lee: Marketplace SaaS for enterprises and government… Visit them:

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Comprometidos con la protección del medioambiente. CaixaBank, banca socialmente responsable

Cuidar de lo que hay que cuidar nos hace diferentes.
En CaixaBank extendemos nuestro compromiso con las personas a la protección del entorno.
Por ello, trabajamos para minimizar nuestro impacto ambiental y financiamos cientos de proyectos que contribuyen a hacer de nuestro planeta un lugar más sostenible.
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Mobey Forum’s MobeyDay2014

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How facial recognition works at CaixaBank ATMs


The system is groundbreaking on a global level, as it allows users to withdraw money from an ATM by simply recognizing them from the image captured by the terminal’s camera.
The ATM has the hardware and software needed to validate up to 16,000 points on the image of the user’s face, which guarantees a totally secure identification.
However, the customer can always select the most convenient personal identification technology, as CaixaBank ATMs will have both options: facial recognition or PIN.

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