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Intesa Sanpaolo to build Google Cloud centres in Milan and Turin

Intesa Sanpaolo to build Google Cloud centres in Milan and Turin

Intesa Sanpaolo has entered discussion with Google and data centre operator TIM on the creation of two ambitious cloud-based infrastructure projects.


OUT NOW! Welcome to another #nextlevel episode of #CloudNClear. �� #Intel Corp Principal #Engineer Josh Hilliker and SADA’s CTO Miles Ward discuss the extreme #partner benefits of #GoogleCloud technology and #Intel #processor power coming together. ☁️

On this episode of #CloudNClear, we uncover more about the #partnership between this industry-leading #tech #manufacturer, SADA, and #GoogleCloud.

Tune in on-demand, to understand how SADA is helping bring together #GoogleCloudPlatform instances and Intel #processing power to benefit thousands of #GCP end-users. They discuss the early days of this #partnership and how SADA has introduced Intel to an extensive #GoogleCloud ecosystem as one of the largest #Google #partners within the #cloudservices industry.


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Host: Miles Ward | CTO, SADA
Guest: Josh Hilliker | Principal Engineer, Intel Corporation

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Introducing the new Tau VMs

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To continue to meet customers’ evolving needs, we are introducing a new family of virtual machines, Tau VMs, optimized for delivering the best price-performance in the industry for scale-out applications. The Tau VM family extends Compute Engine’s VM offerings for those looking for cost-effective performance for scale-out workloads with full x86 compatibility. Stephanie gives us a first look at T2D VMs, the first instance in the Tau VM family.

Ubuntu Pro for Google Cloud

Ubuntu Pro for Google Cloud is a premium image delivering the most comprehensive security and compliance features. Go head to launch your Ubuntu Pro 20.04, 18.04 or 16.04 now. And you will see Ubuntu Pro 22.04 in April 2022. Ubuntu Pro, for Production and for Professionals.

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Building a Secure and Resilient Foundation POC for Banking at Intesa Sanpaolo with Docker EE

Intesa Sanpaolo is one of the first banking groups in the Euro zone, with over 12 million customers and 4,600 branches in Italy. With a lot of traditional monolithic applications that are difficult to maintain and evolve, Intesa turned to Docker to help them both modernize the applications and improve their portability so that they could consider a multi-site architecture across multiple data centers. Using Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) for their POC, Intesa took the first step to “break the monolith” by containerizing their infrastructure, self-described as an “Infrastructure-as-code” pattern, and now use Docker EE to orchestrate the applications across sites. In this talk Diego Braga, Infrastructure System Specialist at Intesa, and Lorenzo Fontana, DevOps Engineer at Kiratech will share how they implemented Docker EE along with software-defined networking and storage solutions to validate Intesa’s architectural model and to build a geographical distributed multi-data center cluster, all while saving infrastructure costs and remaining compliant with regulations. They will highlight their CI/CD process using Docker and Jenkins, how the developer and ops team are now working together to implement a DevOps methodology and Intesa’s ROI in using Docker EE. They will also share Intesa’s future plans, including creating mixed Linux/Windows clusters that use the same overlay network and on-prem/public cloud clusters opportunities.