Revolut adds Brazil and Mexico to global expansion

Revolut adds Brazil and Mexico to global expansion

Digital bank Revolut has announced its expansion into Mexico and Brazil, with a plan to hire 250 new employees in both countries by 2025.

Introducing Revolut Ultra: 5% CASH BACK �� Exclusive New Revolut Plan

Join the Revolut Ultra waiting list ��

Revolut has announced that they’re launching Ultra, an exclusive top-tier plan that will launch in Spring. Users that join the waiting list will receive 5% cash back on transactions in their first month of membership.

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Do You Think Brazil & Argentina Will Do it???

The governments of Brazil & Argentina are making plans to create a new currency for Latin America, called the Sur (“south” in English). Other countries in the region will be invited to use the currency. The goal is to “boost regional trade & reduce reliance on the US dollar”.

One thing is sure: More and more countries are in the process of dumping the US dollar!!!

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How to Send Money to ANY Bank Account with Revolut? – Revolut Tips

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