Visa to run auction for football NFTs

Visa to run auction for football NFTs

Visa is inviting football fans to bid for NFTs inspired by iconic World Cup goals as part of its sponsorship of the global soccer tournament.

Placing a bid on an NFT – Bidding on a Non-Fungible Token – Part 1 or 2

Part I – I created an NFT so could learn how to do it without any expectation someone would bit on it. 70 people did look at it but no one bit on it. My original plan was to then bid on it myself so I would learn both ended of putting an NFT up for auction and bidding on an NFT on auction. My total expense on both sides was about $100 and I think it was worth the education. I choose Opensea.io because it seemed the lowest price fees and relatively easy to set up.

Here is the link to our presentation for professionals on Bitcoin “Insights Into Bitcoin/Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in user-friendly terms” https://martinbrossmanspeaks.com/bitcoin-cryptocurrencies-blockchain-nft-for-professionals/

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In this video we break down the process of a Dutch Auction that might be used at the release of an NFT drop as they did with #VEEFRIENDS and are doing now with #CLONEX
stay tuned as J.V also explains a bit on who the creators of #ARTFKT are & why he believes it’s HUGE !!



How to Get Good Deals on NFTs With Bidding Auctions

In todays video we’ll be going over the website NFT Deals which allows you to bid on NFTs at a discounted price.

NFTDeals – https://app.nftdeals.xyz/auctions

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How NFT Auction Websites Work

NFT Auctions are the primary way in which users acquire NFTs. Instead of simply picking an NFT and buying it, NFT auction websites are where sellers and buyers interact to agree on a price for the NFT that is being auctioned. Even traditional art galleries like Christie’s and Sotheby’s have included NFTs in their catalog and regularly host renowned NFT auctions.

In an NFT auction, the seller sets a minimum price for a specific time period. Buyers can bid on how much they want to spend for the NFT as long as it is more than the minimum price. After that, the NFT is sold to the highest bidder at the end of the sale period.

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